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Life Coaching


You might be at a point in life where you desire more clarity, confidence/faith, relief and corresponding support. I gladly create and provide the necessary safe space and attend you in effective counselling sessions, where we clarify your essential life issues. In that process I mainly work with the intuitive approach, as well as the personally developed methods of Focussing and the CoreSkillsQuest as needed. Supportingly, if it suits the respective situation and topic well, I also like working with fundamental elements of breathing therapy, autogenic training, guiding deep relaxation and short meditations.

The reasons for considering coaching are very individual and varied, i.a.:

  • The desire for clarity, orientation, reflexion, new insights, determining potentialities, self-awareness (who am I genuinely?), personal development, more confidence, confirmation, decisiveness, clarifying essential vital matters, purpose and meaning
  • The desire for inspiration and motivation, strengthening and development of one's own intuition
  • The desire for reassurance, relief, consolation; being able to confide something personal to someone when being troubled in spirit, being heard, attendance
  • The desire for wellbeing; freeing tensions and blockages, overcoming fears, nervousness, feelings of stress and its symptoms, realising psychosomatic ailments, being able to accept and forgive, sense of purpose in life crises, more self-love, make peace with yourself, coming to rest, allowing more lightheartedness, developing awareness and mindfulness

With heart and intellect

  • I am attentive and present for you and your needs
  • I listen to you intently
  • I give you appropriate and open feedback
  • I offer you significant input and inspiration
  • I support you in strengthening and developing your intuition
  • I give you useful – for you personally relevant – tools
  • I pay attention to making you feel comfortable
  • I make sure that we have enough lightheartedness and humour in our conversations

Awaiting you are affirming, healing, calming as well as inspiring coaching sessions.

CHF 130.- for 60 minutes
CHF 180.- for 90 minutes
CHF 250.- per hour when coaching groups and organisations

Payment in cash preferred.

Mobile Coaching

Of course a coaching session is not bound to just one specific place. If suitable, meeting up outside the practice can sometimes be of additional value. Depending on the requirement and situation I can gladly and easily also coach you on a walk in nature, in a quiet café, or in a home environment. At greater distances we also have the possibility of Sype coaching sessions. Please do not hesitate informing me about your preferences, should you wish mobile coaching.

Possible expenses when travelling for longer distances upon consultation.

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