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Adrian-John Hak   

  • Born 1974 in Johannesburg (RSA)

  • English and German mother tongue (GB/CH)

  • Studies in Human Sciences (B.Sc.)

  • Professional Certificate in Holistic Body Work/Therapy FSM
  • Continuous meditation training and practice in various places (Insight Meditation, ZEN, Vipassana, Sarala Rju, ...)
  • Individual coaching, training and seminars in burnout and stress reduction
  • Many years of studying ancient and newer mystic wisdom and philosophies
  • Music producing, composing, writing lyrics; Singing, guitar playing, electronics
  • Versatile experience in various fields of work
  • Author of the philosophy of life book "Im Licht"

I am very thankful for having gained valuable experiences in many areas of life. Already early in my life I was blessed to discover the intuitive and meditative forces that are inherent in us. Building on these experiences, I accompany, support and strengthen other people in their individual processes of growth and self-healing.  

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